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Long story short, Buddha was born a prince and his parents didn’t want him to wander, so they filled the castle he lived in with all the luxuries that a person could want. Buddha still wasn’t feelin’ his groove, so he set out on a quest. He gave up all of the luxuries, his family, his food, and even his hair, to selflessly teach and enlighten others of true happiness and what it can bring to one’s life. He believed you could not have outer peace without first having inner peace. He believed that having a true understanding of your deepest self would end suffering, and bring true, pure happiness. He was a genuine soul, with a mission to spread his passion to everyone he crossed paths with, the weak, the strong, the rich and the poor.

I believe in the power of happiness, and I believe in the changes that it can make in one’s life! Ultimately, it’s what we all want to be! Now I am not expecting you to drop it all, give up your luxuries and head out across the land to do some serious soul searching… I think we can find a quicker route. With my direct approach you will become an unstoppable force, discovering what you are truly capable of, and get you living the life that you were meant to live! Together we’re going to find your Buddha Button… press for success. Xo

Together We Can:

Find Your Purpose

We all have a purpose. Not one single person was put on this earth for no reason. We are thought producing , inventive, creative and intentional beings with MAXIMUM potential, often living in a minimal or mediocre state.

Create Change

Seeking change stirs up an energy in your body that can’t be ignored. Being able to CREATE the change; now that will cause a shift in your soul.

Be Fierce

“Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality. Upgrade your faith to match your destiny.” The world needs your talent and you need to stay in the game, go all in, and bet it all on yourself.

Borrow A Buddha Button

Buddha Button: verb (ACTION word); meaning Mojo. Inspiration. Happy place/thought/button 😉

Need some inspiration? Find a Buddha button here!

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