7 Things I Always do For Others

That I Don’t Do for Myself (and I know I’m not alone)

  1. Help RIGHT NOW. Your friend broke down on the side of the highway and needs a ride, someone needs help to gather last minute things for an event, someone needs you to pick their kid up afterschool (maybe cause they’re broken down on the side of the highway??), someone needs you to come in for a shift or stay late or show up early… you know, all that good stuff and more, where you drop what you’re doing and come to the rescue.
  2. But what if you feel like you’re going to explode because you’re unorganized? What if you get invited to a yoga class but the dishes aren’t done? What if you’re friends want to go to a movie but the kids aren’t in bed and nobody puts those kids to bed like you put the kids to bed? Would you ever drop what you’re doing to take time for yourself, to indulge in helping yourself, RIGHT NOW? Just a thought….
  3. Clean their kitchen after a meal. I mean, after all they invited you over and cooked for you, and it’s not as rewarding to clean your own kitchen after a meal, right? I mean, why not save that for a few minutes before the unexpected in-laws drops in? Stressless living is for the birds.
    Make the bed as soon as you get out of it. Your own bed is way to comfortable to make, I guess. It makes much more sense to shut the door and hope that those cleaning fairies finally show up- hope is good, and disorder is nice.
  4. Sugar coat shit. Like when your bestie is crying because she thinks the 5 pounds she gained is simply hideous and you say “what is wrong with you? You look amazing!! Stop being so hard on yourself!” Would you ever say that to your own 5 pounds? You should… but do you? Or when the neighbor keeps apologizing because their front lawn is not mowed because they’re just too busy and you smile and wave and say “that’s totally understandable! Can’t blame ya, why should the lawn get priority over your sanity?” Really, do you hear yourself?? Why should it??
  5. Encourage them to get help. For example: Go to the doctor. See a counsellor. Hire a maid once a week. Get the neighbors kid to mow your lawn… need I say more?
  6. Encourage them to apply for the job, stand up to their boss, or ask for a promotion. Even if you’re stuck in an unfulfilling job with an unfulfilling salary that is going nowhere…
  7. Tell them to splurge. Who cares if it doesn’t seem affordable or reasonable right now? You pat your buddy on the back and say GO FOR IT. You yourself though? You need to sit down and consider if it’s really worth it to buy those new sheets- I mean, the ones you have now have lasted you since high school and they still fit the bed, so…

This is a short list. In reality the list is not only longer, but it keeps growing. It’s soul purpose right now is to remind you to be good to yourself! It’s awesome that you do things for other people out of kindness and love, but don’t forget to help yourself too.

Keep your home in working condition and it WILL ease stress. Do the dishes and make your bed everyday