Get clear on what it is you want. Find your target. Be as specific as possible. See the “big picture”. Have a clear vision.
These are all great and timeless words of wisdom that we go-for-it-gurus eat up like candy, and use it as a platform for setting and reaching big goals. “Practice what you preach” is also one of my favourites… and the reason I broke through all of the rest. What if you can’t get clear because you aren’t clear?? What if you want to do 17 things and can’t figure out how to make them all work together, but you also can’t figure out which one you want to prioritise? I am one of those multi-passionate people, and I am really passionate about a lot of things because I choose to experience so many of them. I am passionate about positive living, leading a healthy lifestyle, kindness missions, cooking, being a role model for children (our FUTURE), leading women, wine, comedy, interior design, writing, and living in a peaceful home. These are all reasons that I have chosen to be a LifeStyle Coach, and I haven’t totally pinpointed my target audience, and I don’t have a super clear big picture, and it’s not always that specific, and it’s still working for me! If you’re really trying to figure out what you want to do, try giving “specific” goal setting a break for a little while. It’s super possible to get clear on what you really want by not knowing, but trusting your multi-passionate self to lead you down the right path!
There can be many things that a person wants to be or do in their life and THAT’S OK. So you’re a vegetarian who has an interest in green space, but you also have an undying passion for architecture and GMO project- perhaps one day these passions could cross paths and leave you torn, but the only way you are going to be able to make a decision is if you have taken the time and the opportunity to explore all of them. If something comes up about one of your passions, take it as a sign to dive in! This is an learning opportunity for you, and it doesn’t have to lead anywhere or serve any more of a purpose than the experience itself. From experience comes knowledge, and from knowledge comes the ability to make informed and clear(er) decisions.

Find out more, become more informed, and recognize that having many scattered and small experiences can lead you to your answers, your center, your truth, and your true desire. In the end, we all just want to be happy, so don’t set limits, set the goal to experience it all until you can get specific, and have fun doing it! Don’t just trust me, trust yourself.
Perhaps this served as your Buddha Button for the day, or perhaps you know another who could use it- feel free to pass it along 😊 Leave me a comment in the section below and let me know about an experience that has lead you right where you want to be! I’d love to hear it!