7 Fabulous Reasons to See a Life Coach,

and YOU are the common denominator in all of them.

     Now that I have become a life coach, the number one question I get asked is, “What does a life coach do?” and it’s quite common that people don’t actually know! First and foremost, let me explain the difference between a therapist (counselor) and a life coach. A therapist generally focuses on the past and looking back to heal, whereas a life coach focuses on moving forward with positive thinking. A life coach may use some therapy tools from time to time, but the main focus remains on mindset and the ability to set and reach goals.We are not entirely focused on healing, we are purposefully focused on getting clear, creating a more desirable future, and working with you to accelerate the process! Life coaches are trained to ask questions that that make you look within yourself to find the answers, because they’re in there! You’re full of surprises, but you may not know how to discover these lil’ gems of wisdom on your own. One of the things I often like to shine a little light on is your brain and how it works, and you know what the brain loves? Reasons, and chunks! So let’s get to it and chunk it out!

  1.  You are going through a huge transition. Maybe you’re going through a career change or a relationship change, any type of change can bring on anxiety, stress, and may cause you to become doubtful and uncertain. More than likely you are going to want to talk these things through, but it can run its course with family and friends if they are constantly hearing the same thing again and again. A life coach is an amazing resource to help you through a transition with the confidence and reassurance that you need to get you onto the next leg of your journey!
  2. Always feeling irritable? Being irritated means that you are in a state of reaction, and it can present itself in a lot of ways! Losing your mind when you fight with your boyfriend, spouse, or even your kids, road rage, storming out on conversations or even your job- these are all relevant situations, but you don’t always have an explanation. You might always be asking yourself: why do I let it get to this point? Or find yourself feeling disheartened and guilty a lot of the time. Your coach is going to get you from a state of reaction to a state of taking action.
  3. You have a vision but it lacks clarity, or it’s so big that you’re overwhelmed. A common misconception is that you have to have some sort of issue or a big ol problem to seek out the help of a coach. Having a vision is not a problem, in fact it’s a huge step in the right direction, but if you’re not able to get specific, it can be tough to figure out how to get there. A coach can offer you the guidance you need to get clear on your intentions, and bring you the focus that you need to achieve your goals.
  4.  Your actions and patterns are not in line with your goals. You know exactly what you want, but you have a tenancy to continuously make self destructive decisions. It’s normal to get overwhelmed, but when it becomes a pattern it can be difficult to get back on the right track. You are lacking the commitment to really make your dreams become a reality, and it’s an easy loop to get caught in. “When you are interested in something, you do what is convenient, when you are actually committed, you do whatever it takes.” Easier said then done, true, but easier done when said to a coach! We can help you break down the barriers, and help you reach a level of commitment that you may not be able to reach on your own.
  5. You crave more purpose. May people who are very successful in their careers still don’t feel completely fulfilled. Being fulfilled, by definition, means “to be satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s ability or character”. You can have a great career, but is it speaking to who you truly are? Making dreams come true is not just something you get by hauling off to Disneyland, you can have that right now! A life coach recognizes your desires, and encourages you to create an action plan to get you to your biggest goal… you dreams becoming reality!
  6. You’re scared. You’re afraid of the unknown. It’s hard to put your all into something when you can’t see the finish line. When you know it in your heart of hearts, but you’re still standing on the edge, you can jump. A life coach is your parachute. Have faith and believe in yourself, because without a doubt, your coach does.
  7. You are living for other people: your spouse, your kids, your parents… This is one reason that hits me right in the heart. You’re always putting everyone ahead of yourself because you feel like you have no other choice. Your spouses job is more important than yours because they make the money, or you can’t even think about pursuing a career or following a dream while the kids are at home because they need you the most, or you’re going to crush your parents if you choose another path because they set everything up for you and they have expectations that you must meet. If you fall into any of these categories, then investing in yourself is going to be really, really tough… but really, really worth it. Becoming your own person while still being available for others is completely possible, and a coach is the one person who will understand your needs and not only put them first, but teach you how to do the same!

Nobody really “needs “a life coach, because you’re amazing just the way you are.

We are thought producing, inventive, creative and intentional beings with MAXIMUM potential, often living in a minimal or mediocre state. You have the ability to unlock massive amounts of talent and a life coach will support you. It’s a process of mastering yourself, and once you discover that, there are no limits, and your road to success is wide open. Xo