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“It is clear to me now that my journey into Life Coaching has been peppered throughout my past.”


     I am an optimist first, a dreamer, and I trust that the universe will always have my back. I believe in the power of positivity, and I have learned over time not to let anyone shake that from me. It’s part of who I am, part of my soul, and I can paint a silver lining around almost anything- which I also consider a gift. I believe laughter heals. I believe in kindness and its ability to not only change a life, but to change the way we see things as a whole. I believe in putting suntan lotion on my face only, and that eating spaghetti for breakfast is the ultimate way to start a day. I think sunshine fuels my soul, and flip flops CAN be dressy. I think every home should be a place of refuge, of peace, and of joy, and that food and wine brings people together.

     I love to host dinners and parties, and consider feeding my family and friends a tradition, and one I am proud to carry on. I’m a little bit Irish too, so I consider drinking to be relatively the same. I sing out loud, I dance terribly, and I couldn’t catch a beat if I was wearing a Rawlings glove, but I dance anyways! I believe in destiny, and even though we took the long way around, I knew I was going to marry the love of my life the very day I met him. My children are my universe. I am so uniquely attached to each of them for entirely different reasons, and I take so much pride in who they are as individuals. I’ve always found just watching them do everyday stuff so fascinating and can’t help but think, what a miracle. I just believe in the beauty of life, nature, earth, and taking time to look for signs, because I also believe in things we can’t always see. Remember, only Wendy saw Peter Pan, but an entire world came into existence from believing in him. I think that is the truth in so many forms, and because I sometimes forget to look before I leap, I also have to trust in fairy dust and flying. What can I say? It’s gotten me this far, and although I may have felt like I was falling a time or two, I have never, ever hit the ground.


This is me.
Xo Leona Williams


Kamloops BC


M – F : 8am–5pm


(250) 487-8092

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