Life Coaching FAQ’s

Got questions about Life Coaching? These are the most frequently asked, but feel free to contact me if you have others!

What is a Life Coach?

The most simple and genuine way I can put this is someone who gets you from where you are to where you want to be. We are here to help you get focused and get all out of life that you want it to be, even if you’re not totally clear on what that is. We can help you clarify what you want, why it’s important, and what’s possible for you. Together we can brainstorm, explore, and build strategy, as well as motivate and encourage you to follow your dreams, build your business, break down barriers, conquer fears and help you master yourself so you can live the life you were meant to live!

What is the difference between a Life Coach and a therapist or counsellor?

A therapist or counsellor generally focuses on the past and looking back to heal, whereas a life coach focuses on moving forward with positive thinking. A life coach remains focused on mindset and the ability to set and reach goals. We are not entirely focused on healing, we are purposefully focused on getting clear, creating a more desirable future, and working with you to accelerate the process.

How many life coaching sessions will I need?

Typically I see my clients for about 6 sessions, usually for 45-60 minutes per session stretched out over 6 weeks. Many times clients have seen massive results sooner that 6 sessions, and I also have clients who choose to extend sessions beyond 6 weeks, or come back when new challenges arise.

Do you do a consultation first?

Absolutely! I want our relationship to feel completely comfortable, and I always do a free consultation before any commitments are made. Typically the consult runs from 20-30 minutes, and I always offer the option of emailing me any questions that might arise afterwards.

Do I have to come to an office or your house for sessions?

No you don’t! That’s the beauty of the internet! I offer online coaching so all you need is an internet connection and we can hold a session in the comfort of your own home. This also allows for more flexibility in accommodating times that you are available.

Will there be “homework”?

I always get asked this question, and the answer is, it’s up to you! After we have a session I expect you to follow through with your actions, but that is not a requirement. Many people fear that they will have to “report” or “review” the times between sessions, but that is based on individual cases and as the clients sees fit, not the coach. If you are the type of person that appreciates worksheets and homework, I have the tools for that as well!

Do Life Coaches need to have qualifications?

Currently Life Coaching does not require any strict regulations, however there is a professional body available for Life Coaches to be affiliated with. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) regulates the types of certified training a coach can hold, as well as provides a code of ethics and a code of conduct. My training has been approved by the ICF.

What areas of life can a Life Coach help me with?

A life Coach can help anywhere you want help with, as long as you are willing to dig in and take action! Some examples are, but are not limited to:
• Work-life balance
• Health and fitness
• Spirituality
• Work performance
• Career goals
• Procrastination & productivity
• Getting motivated
• Finding your purpose
• Prioritization
• Hobbies
• Educational goals
• Dating and sex
• Divorce

When is Life Coaching NOT for me?

Life Coaching is not for everyone, and there are certain situations that a Life coach may not be the best decision for you. If you’re in need of therapy for a mental issue or serious issue in your life, you may want to consider resolving that before you seek a Life Coach. Once you have taken steps with your therapist towards healing and overcoming, a Life Coach would be a fantastic transition for putting processes in place to keep you on your path.
A Life Coach is also not a solution for you if you’re hoping to just be told what to do. A life coach will guide you and support you in making your own decisions and is not going to be the person that will tell you exactly what to do.
You must also be willing to implement change and commit to working on yourself, stretch your thinking, and take serious action. It is very unlikely that you will gain anything from the experience if you are not committed to the follow through.

Can you do a coaching session with more than one person?

Yes I can! Often couples or loved ones want to work together so they can support each others actions, or have a deeper understanding of the process. I highly encourage you to involve the ones you love with forward action, and I can work together with you to build and personalize your sessions.
**You can also continue on the website and check out The Buddha Blog’s “7 Fabulous Reasons to Hire a Life Coach” for more helpful information!

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